OUR PURPOSE - Preserve The Allens Creek Valley:

As undeveloped lands close to Rochester become scarce, the Allens Creek Valley has come under increased pressure from developers who seek to exploit its economic potential. The Allens Creek/Corbett's Glen Preservation Group (ACCGPG) was formed in 1994 as a grassroots response to a controversial proposal to construct several industrial/office buildings in a section of the valley along Allens Creek and next to Corbett’s Glen.

Since its inception the ACCGPG has worked with the towns of Brighton and Penfield, the Genesee Land Trust, the Trust for Public Land, the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Friends of Ahskwa Sanctuary, and numerous other like-minded organizations, to preserve Allens Creek Valley acreage whenever possible and to work to ensure that any future development in the valley is environmentally-sensitive and does not negatively impact Corbett’s Glen Nature Park.

OUR SUCCESSES: The ACCGPG has been instrumental in establishing community-wide inertia which ultimately led to the Town of Brighton working in conjunction with the Genesee Land Trust in 1999 to purchase the beautiful 17 acre parcel known as Corbett’s Glen.

A spin-off group from the ACCGPG, known as the Friends of Ahskwa Sanctuary, worked to identify additional lands which could be preserved in the surrounding area and linked through a system of connected hiking trails.

One of those identified lands, an adjacent undeveloped 35+ acre parcel, recently became a wonderful addition to the Corbett’s Glen Nature Park when the Town of Brighton purchased the parcel for preservation and linked the two properties through a series of conservation easements obtained from key residential owners. This brought the total of preserved lands in the Allens Creek Valley to over 52 acres. Printable maps can be found here:

Corbett's Glen North South

OUR FAILURES: The ACCGPG unsuccessfully strove to prevent a 54,000 sq. ft. light industrial building from being built on 5 acres of a 20-acre parcel adjacent to Allens Creek and Corbett’s Glen. The 20-acre property was known as “Linden Tech”, but is now referred to as “Linden Hills”. Past discussions with the property’s owners/agents to purchase the remaining undeveloped lands for preservation have not borne fruit.

The ACCGPG is in ongoing discussions with the Linden Hills property owners to ascertain the possibility of containing further development and/or to purchase outright the undeveloped portions of the site. This could then be annexed to Corbett's Glen Nature Park, creating a substantial buffer between the existing office building and the picturesque postcard waterfalls area of Allens Creek.

The existing building and its parking is situated entirely in Penfield. While it is somewhat removed from the Glen, it has created negative impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods in the way of increased traffic and noise, excessive lighting, car exhaust pollution, and a disturbing visual appearance which is out of character with the surrounding neighborhoods and open space. Further, it has established an infrastructure in the Valley which seems to beckon developers who are attracted to its ‘park-like’ setting.

For the past 10 years, Linden Hills’ developers have frequently approached Penfield and Brighton with various development plans for the remainder of the property, and at one point successfully increased parking spaces. To date, plans for additional buildings have not proceeded past the concept phase, largely due to strong community resistance. However, until the land is purchased with the expressed purpose of preservation, it is likely that development plans will continue to confront the community; the current concept plan being a case in point.

OUR HOPES: It is the ACCGPG’s continued hope and ongoing goal to preserve the remaining undeveloped lands in the environmentally-sensitive Allens Creek Valley, and we look forward to the day when Corbett’s Glen Nature Park encompasses lands in both Brighton and Penfield, with an extensive network of trails within the park and extending out to other nearby parks such as Ellison Park and Linear Park.

In the meantime, the ACCGPG strives to work towards ensuring that any proposed development in the Valley is minimized and meets the highest environmentally-sensitive standards.

The Glen Preservation Group (ACCGPG) is by no means done. ACCGPG is committed to ensuring that proposed development adheres to applicable environmental and zoning codes.
The group became a non-profit organization in 1998 with a Board of Directors, regular monthly meetings open to the public, and a mission to preserve the valley from urban sprawl. Working closely with other local organizations such as Friends of Ahskwa Sanctuary, the Genesee Land Trust, and the Town of Brighton, they helped establish an 18-acre park within the tract long-known as Corbett’s Glen.