The Stoneburner Farm

Leonard Stoneburner moved to the glen in about 1815 from a site on Irondequoit Creek near Panorama Plaza where he operated an Iron-making forge. Leonard and his family ran a farm in the glen until 1880, thus it became known as Stoneburner’s Glen.

Census data for the Stoneburner farm in the Glen

The little Stoneburner house was built about 1825 and was of log construction. The layout of the farm structures and fields is unknown but a drinking water well has been found just across the present drive from where the house was located. The house survived into the 1990’s when it was pulled down because it was badly  deteriorated.

By 1890, the Stoneburners had sold all their property in the glen. The house was sold to George and Jane Ashton. In 1890 the Ashtons sold the house and surrounding land to Patrick Corbett. The Stoneburner house was used for many years by the Corbett family.