The Corbett Farm

Patrick Corbett initially rented this property, a common step to ownership. He had farmed in Mendon but acted upon the obvious advantages of this area; rich muck, continuous supply of water and proximity to his market. With these advantages he soon became known as the “celery king.” The energy to prepare the land for planting on this moist soil was best provided by a horse. He worked this property and adjacent land from 1880 until he retired and passed it on to his sons who worked it until the mid 1940’s.

Patrick with his irrigation system using water drawn from the creek
Early 1930’s photo showing Patrick with his grandsons. It is believed that horses provided all the power for plowing and tilling.

At the turn of the century, there were three adjacent farms on this part of Allens Creek; the Corbetts, Beckers, and Stanley Burrows families. The Becker farm was immediately downstream from the Corbetts. Old documents show that Corbett and Becker were close friends.

1923 aerial photo shows the cultivated fields and pasture land in the Glen. The Becker and Burrows farms were just downstream of the Corbett property.