A private picnic park

Around 1900 Patrick began offering part of the glen to the public as a picnic site. It soon became a very popular place for outings and events both large and small. Patrick built several pavilions to accommodate his guests.

One of Patrick’s pavilions can be seen in the background of this 1917 image
Part of a covered footbridge over the creek can be seen in this 1916 image.
Photo courtesy of Bob Burnett

The glen was often used for small picnics like these. It was not necessary to schedule these small group events with Patrick as he kept a collection box for the use fee near the entrance.

As Patrick was getting underway with his private picnic ground enterprise, the close relationship he had with his neighbors downstream made it such that picnickers would wander and play on property below the Corbett farm The main picnic activities moved almost exclusively onto the Corbett property by about 1928.

“Corbett’s Glen proved immensely popular and was the spot of choice for numerous outings for factory workers and social organizations for many years.”— William N. Hosley Special Places Page 80

Large events
Auto Club of Rochester event in the north meadow in 1928.
From a 16mm film obtained by the ACCGPG from a collector and now belonging to the Eastman House.

The use of the Glen for large events extended many years past the time of Patrick’s park.

Another auto event – this one from 1965. Photo taken in the north meadow looking south.